Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Disneyland Trip!

My whole family went to Disneyland over October break (bad idea!) and it was so much fun! Although VERY packed and VERY hot we all had a great time. Brennen loved it and Bryson just came for the ride. He did get to go on a few rides but mainly he was cranky for being in his stroller all day. It was so great to be with my whole family and want to give a HUGE thanks to my Mom and Dad for willing to take the kids off our hands for a little bit. They were so great. Pretty much they were there to be with their grand kids and we totally appreciated the help. It was major work taking a 3 year old and 21 month old on a plane, transferring them for car to hotel, car to Disneyland, car to restaurant. I felt like that's all we did. CRAZY, CRAZY couple of days!! Glad we did it and can't wait to do it again. Maybe when the boys are a little older though! I just got back from Six Flags last weekend so expect lots of pics of that trip soon. Love the crazy time of year!!!

This was the highlight of the trip for me. Brennen got to meet Woody, no Buzz light Year but at least we got to see Woody. First time we saw him we chased him down but he wouldn't stop to take a pic with us but later we saw him again. Thank goodness! Brennen was so sad Woody wouldn't talk to him the first time. But he redeemed himself with a hug and a high five. Thanks Woody!

Yummy turkey leg!!

Brennen just loved hanging out with the Toy Story Soldiers. He was so cute standing there, looking at them thinking they were so cool.

I have to say I had such a great time with all my sisters. They are so crazy and make everything so much fun!

You can't go to Disneyland without getting a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich, right? Well I thought so and what a mess they made.

On the airplane on are way to Disneyland!!! I am so glad I had so much help with Bryson because there was no way he was going to stay on my lap the whole time!

So on the last day we of course had to visit the beach. Sunset beach was the closest. The water was freezing but that didn't stop Brennen. He was the only one brave enough to jump in. Crazy kid! It was very foggy but still had a great time.

Taking pics with Travis is such a chore. He is such a brat sometimes (maybe it's because I am trying to be a photographer and I take his pic ALL the time). So this is me getting mad and making him kiss me. Ha, ha, ha!! I always win.

Sunset Beach Photo Shoot

I love, love to take pictures and seeing how we were at a beach I wanted to take pics of my family. The fog made the lighting horrible but I did my best and I think they turned out okay.

This is my brother Logan his wife Melissa and their boy Miles.

Me and my Family

Travis just tore his left knee wake boarding and can't really run but I wanted one so this is him trying to run. Thanks for the effort babe.

My sisters Mariah and Jezerea

My sister-in-law Jenny's brother and wife live in Cali and they met us at the beach, here is a pic I got of them.

My Mom and Dad, love it!

My Dad hates taking pics and thought this was so lame but he didn't anyways, way to go Dad!

My Brother Tyler, his wife Jenny and their boy Steven

My sister Keshia and her husband Scott

And this is our only group shot we got the whole trip. Yeah for Disneyland and the beach with the fam!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

San Carlos, Mexico

Well this month is when it starts. The craziness! I love this time of year but it always goes by so fast because there so much going on. For us it starts this month. Every October for the past 3 years we have been going to San Carlos with Travis Mom and her husband. The rent a condo for the whole month, we pick a weekend and visit them. The kids love it, the water is perfect, the waves are just right, and the sunsets are amazing! Except this year the weather was mostly overcast and raining but the end of the last day we were there we finally got some sun. It wasn't too bad though it was still warm and the rain wasn't so bad. We still were on the beach almost all day. That's all the boys wanted to do, was play in the ocean. Here are some pics of our trip. I am so excited for next week, we are going to Disneyland!! Like I said craziness!!!

Here are some of the sunset pics I got, AMAZING!

There crabs everywhere and the boys loved chasing them. Travis caught a few and I was surprised Brennen actually held one in his hands.

Travis took us all out on the canoe in the rain. The boys didn't mind and we all had a great time, singing, playing, and enjoying each others company on the canoe ride. When we were coming back in Travis' Mom got some pics of us and got a really good one of us coming in on a huge wave. Good Job taking pics Donna! I love all the ones you got.

Here are some pics of the cousins. Travis sister Tara and her family came too. Brennen and Mason have such a fun time together. And the boy with the stern look is Tara's boy Quinn, silly boy!

What a fun trip. I love spending so much time with my boys and having Travis there the whole time enjoying it with us. It was such a relaxing trip, playing games, eating, swimming, taking nice long walks on the beach, catching crabs, and talking. Love family vacations!! Can't wait till next week!