Sunday, June 28, 2009

Travis turns 29!

Travis turned 29 on the 26th. Your almost 30 babe, your getting up there! We celebrated by going out to the Cheese Cake Factory on Friday with his family and then had a little party for him with my family today. We had a pretty good time. Travis was a little boring because all he wanted was money for his dirt bike. I manage to think of a few other things. I got him the sweet sunglasses that he is wearing in one of the pics, and I got him clothes and a PS2 game too. The boys had fun helping blow out his candles and opening up his presents. It was overall a great birthday, I hope he had fun.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King of Pop

I am so sad today. I just loved Michael Jackson! I know he was a little weird but I have always loved his music and remember the very first time I saw the Thriller video when I was like 5 years old. I remember it scared me! He was such a fantastic dancer and talented artist.
Well I Just wanted to do a little shout out to MJ and that I will be thinking of him and his family today.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day

Brennen can't say Father so it's Happy Daddy's Day and this is my Dad. He hates getting his picture taken so unfortunately this is the best picture I have of him.
My Dad is a very giving and compassionate person. He is very knowledgeable, and I enjoy my talks with him. We never got along when I was living at home but I think that's because we are a lot alike. Stubborn, prideful, stressful, impatient and over dramatic! Although, he is loving, fun, and a wonderful Poppy to my kids and his other grand kids.
Dad, I wish you a very Happy Daddy's Day. I owe you a big kiss and a hug, maybe a gift too!
(he was a girls camp on Father's day so we didn't get to celebrate)

This is the Father of my two little boys and what a great Father he is to them. Brennen and Bryson just adore their Father. I get so jealous of their relationship sometimes. I don't quite get the same excitement with the boys then Travis does. But I do love seeing how much they love being with him. If he is working outside they have to be with him. If he is working on his dirt bike they have to have tools in their hands helping. If we are all together, they both want Daddy to hold them and play with them. Travis is a very concerned and loving Father. He worries about them constantly. Worrying about providing, protecting them, and being a good example to them. He drives me crazy sometimes how much he worries. But that's Travis. I am more the laid back one when it comes to the kids and he is the worrier. At least we have both sides, and it works for us.
Travis I am so thankful for you and all you do for the boys. You are a great Father and seeing you as one makes me love you more and more. Happy Daddy's Day to you!

3 generations of Fathers and four generations of Bowman's. Great Grandpa Bowman, Grandpa Bowman, Travis and Brennen.
All such wonderful Fathers, love you all!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crazy Busy Life!

I have been for the longest time wanting to update this bad boy but life gets to me and I never have the time. The whole point of a blog for me was to journal. Well I have never been good at journaling so its no surprise that I have not kept up with the blog. It is 1:10 in the morning and I just finished doing a little update on it and too tired to finish. I hope to be able to get some pics up to show what we have been up to since the last pics I posted. It just takes so freakin long to upload pics, I HATE IT! Here is one for now. Brennen just turned 3 on the 2nd and I took some pics of him. This one is my favorite. I got this smile because where he was sitting there was bird poop and he kept touching it (I know gross) but every time I said bird poop he just thought that was so funny. Whatever gets them to smile, I guess.