Friday, August 28, 2009

Look what I just came home to!

What a surprise! I came home from work exhausted because we had to start early today and this is what I found on the kitchen table. The house was spotless and beautiful flowers waiting just for me. My husband is so sweet. I have been kind of on him lately for not being very romantic so I really appreciate that he listened and for the effort. I can't tell you how much this means to me Travis. Thank you so much! I love you.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guess What?????

I can't tell you how long I have been waiting for this day. He turned 3 in June and I kept telling myself he would be potty trained by then. But he had other plans. He was such a stinker with the whole thing. I was getting so frustrated. I asked about everyone what they had done to potty train their kids. And tried them all and he still would not do it. Finally I read the book "Potty Train in a Day" I think that's what it was called. Well anyways, I don't have near the patience to spend all day potty training so I took some of the important concepts of the book and tried them out. Basically you buy a doll that they are interested in, we chose Woody from Toy Story and then the child has to teach the doll how to use the potty. Brennen loved it, he thought it was so cool that Woody was using the potty. I even made little Big Boy under pants for Woody and Brennen just had to wear Big Boy under pants too. Brennen really responded to peeing in the rocks so we did that a lot. I couldn't believe this was working. We started 2 weeks ago and he has been peeing in the potty/rocks ever since. We have had a few accidents of course but he has been doing so good. Brennen your a BIG BOW now! We still are working on the poop part but I am so happy with what we got so far.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Major catching up!!!

Well are you ready to sit back and relax and look at a TON of pictures of US!! I have been wanting to post so many pictures to CATCH UP and finally found some time to do it. You will notice I doubled some pics, sorry. So here goes.......

Travis and I had a our 6th anniversary in February and here is us celebrating. He got me a digital frame, just what I wanted. We went out for a nice dinner at the Melting Pot, HOLY COW very expensive but worth it. It was so yummy!

Valentines Day

Just some random pictures I came across. Travis and I got in a little tif and this is how he apologized. How cute is he. My boys watching TV together. And then the best pedicure I ever had. LOVE IT!

Jimmy Eat World Concert

In March we went to see Jimmy Eat World with my Sister Keshia, her husband Scott, My brother Tyler and his wife Jenny. I didn't get any good pics but you get the idea. We had such a great time and they put on a really good show. It was SOOOO LOUD though but fun.

Renaissance Festival
We took the boys to the Renaissance Festival this year with some goods friends of ours. It was a long day and they both had had enough by lunch time, as you can tell. It was a lot of fun being together and spending time with our boys.

Boys will be Boys

We can't leave anything in the reach of Brennen. This adorable kid (I am being sarcastic) gets into EVERYTHING. I left a box of fruit loops on the kitchen counter and this is what we found. He had dump the whole box all over his room and was eating it. Then a few days later I left a bag of powder doughnuts on the counter and Bryson joined in on the fun. I have to put everything up. I am running out of room. I had to put our container of pens, markers, pencils on top of our bookcase after countless times of writing on the walls, doors, computer screens, desk, EVERYTHING. He keeps me on my toes, that's for sure!

This is one reason why I wanted to have children, the holidays. I love how innocent and new everything is. I love how excited they get over silly things and how they believe. I always go overboard but it is sooooo worth it. We spent the Saturday before Easter with Travis' family in Payson where they were camping. They had a Easter egg hunt and lots of fun activities for the kids, they loved it. Sunday morning we spent together, playing with toys and eating lots of candy. That afternoon we had dinner with my family. We played soccer and had another Easter egg hunt. It was probably the best Easter I have ever had.

The picture of my Dad in this collage is the funnest thing I have ever seen. And yes that's me in the bush. I fell into it while playing soccer. HA, HA funny, funny!


I hosted Bunko at my house in April and in May we had a family Bunko at that park. Bunko is a good time for a girls night out GNO! We have such a good time, expect lately I am not enjoying it as much because I haven't won any money. Oh well its still fun.

At The Park
When it was cooler, this is what we did A LOT! The boys love the park. Every time we drive passed it they both scream PLAY!

The dirt bike track
Travis loves going to the dirt bike track and tries to go once a week. He always tries to make me go to watch and take some pics. I have gone a couple of times and here are some pics I got. The boys just love it. Every time a dirt bike went by they would laugh and point. I am afraid they are going to be dirt bike riders too. Lots of broken bones and injury's in the future for us, I am sure. But lets hope not!

Outings with the boys
I try to go out with they boys a couple times a week. To the mall, dinosaur museum, Phoenix Children's museum, parks, swimming. Here are some pics when we went to the mall and the dinosaur museum.

Bryson was being so freakin cute while Travis was washing his bike so I just wanted to share. He adores Travis and must do everything he is doing. Right when Travis walks through the door, I no longer exist and he has to be by his side the whole time. Travis can't get anything done but I know he loves it.

Memorial Day
Had a little BBQ and swimming at my Brother Tyler's house. Love spending time with the fam.

Happy 3rd Birthday Brennen!

On June 2nd Brennen turned 3. We had a swim party at Travis' Grandparents house. We invited all his friends in the neighborhood. He is too funny, he loves birthdays and always wants to blow out the candles. Unfortunately he spits every time he blows out the candles so we have to do a little scraping to the cake afterwards.

Here's Travis teaching Brennen to ride his new bike he got from Grandpa Bowman for his birthday.

4th of July
We spent 4th of July with good friends and my family for fireworks.

Swim Lesson this Summer
My sister-in-law Aleesha swims for BYU and for the summer she comes home to teach swim lessons. I signed up both Brennen and Bryson and I couldn't believe how much they learned and improved in just 2 weeks. By the end of the 4 weeks they were little fishes. Cute little Bryson walks himself to the diving board, climbs up and jumps with no hesitation. That kid has no fear, a little scary!

Hatch Family reunion

Every year for as long as I can remember we go camping with my Dad's family. I look forward to this time we do so many fun things and everyone really enjoys being together. Its the one time my boys are free to do whatever they want and get as dirty as they want. The long weekend is spent riding bikes, horse shoe tournament, water balloon volleyball, skit night, talent show, playing games, talking around the camp fire, spot lighting, watching movies, shooting guns, using the restroom in the forest, ha, ha! I just LOVE IT!! not the restroom part so much but everything else. You will have to bare with me because I went way overboard with picture taking this trip and couldn't just chose a few so there are tons of pics here. Ever since I have been doing this whole photography thing I seem to can't put down the camera.

This I have to explain. We had Hatch Family's Got Talent show Saturday night. And I convinced my husband and my bothers to do Beyonce's Single Ladies. I can't tell you how funny this was. My husband and brothers in leotards, tights and heels, need I say more! Then my sister surprised me by memorizing a dance I performed in my 5th grade talent show. I danced to Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted Snake". They got the same outfit I wore (even the glasses I wore at the time) and performed the dance exactly how I did it, to the tee! I was laughing so hard. Good job ladies!

Bull Pen
The week after camping I met up with my Aunts and cousins for a little hike and swimming. Bull Pen is outside of Camp Verde and there is a spot where two huge rocks that have naturally created a suction. It sucks you in and then pops you right back out. I have been going here since I was a kid and always love it. It was fun taking my boys there where I use to play as a kid.

Cabin Trip
The next weekend we went up to Travis' Grandparents cabin because his sister Tamara was in town. It was so nice to spend some time with her. She and her family live in Utah and we only get to see her maybe twice a year. It was so relaxing and the weather was so nice. I love being at the cabin. We went on walks, stayed up and played card games, fishing but they didn't catch anything, went up to the ski lift, took a ride and ate Indian fry bread and hot chocolate.

Travis planted this tree when he was 15 and the picture of him when he planted it was hanging on the wall so I thought it would be funny if I took a picture of it and then took a picture of him now with the tree.

Brennen's first day of Pre-School
I can't believe Brennen is starting school already! I am sad but also so excited for him. This is exactly what he needs. He was accepted through Mesa Public Schools to attend EMECEC (East Mesa Early Childhood Education Center). He was tested and evluated for speech and they found he will benifit from this program. He is talking more and more but needs work on pronouning words correctly. I am so proud of him, he did so good walking right up to his class not afriad at all. Yesterday he rode the bus for the first time and had no problem doing that either. He is such a big boy!