Monday, October 4, 2010

Well guess what???


I was 90% sure it was a boy but a part of me was still hoping. I am excited though and Brennen and Bryson are super excited to have a brother on the way. Travis was really hoping for a girl and is now feeling the pressure for the next one. He really wants a girl to spoil rotten. Maybe it's a good thing we keep having boys. I really wanted to put the pictures of our little guy up but our scanner is not working so hopefully we get that working so I can. Pictures coming soon...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What happened in July&August

Can you believe it I am finally all caught up. I can't wait to get this printed. All my hard work will be payed off. We had a crazy summer and things have slowed way down these past couple of months. I am so glad because I need a break!
Brennen's First Day of School
Brennen stared pre-school again with Mrs. Katie this year. He is super excited and has been having a great time so far. He is learning letters and shapes. It is so cool watching him catch on and start recognizing letters and the sounds they make. I am so proud of him.

4th of July
We always spend the 4th with my family and have been watching them at MCC for awhile now. We eat and hang out till the fireworks start. Always a great time with the Hatch family.

Brennen Lost His First Tooth

If you remember several months back when I posted Brennen almost knocking his two front teeth out. We had my work try to fix it. Well it worked for awhile but he hit it a few more times and one of his front teeth just kept getting looser and looser. Finally one day after watching it flapping in the wind, I asked him if I could pull on it to see if it would come out. I had explained the whole Tooth Fairy thing and he gets money if it comes out. So he agreed, and with a little tug it came right out. The Tooth
Fairy came that night, he was so excited to take his dollar to the store and buy a toy. Now he has a pretty little hole in his head for the next 2 or 3 years. Oh well...

Bryson Potty Trained...Are you kidding me?

So my little Bryson who is just 2 1/2 decided one day he wanted to pee in the potty and wear big boy underwear. I did absolutely nothing to train this little guy. I guess watching Brennen is all he needed. It only took one day and he was peeing with the best of them. #2 took a little longer but with a little sucker persuasion he now #2's with the best of them. Here he is with his new underwear and showing how it's done. He is so freakin cute!

Swim Lesson

This summer I signed the boys up for swim lesson at Fremont pool. Bryson was in a parent/toddler class which was a lot of fun. He caught on so fast and didn't really need me anymore. The teacher was so surprised and wanted to move him up to the next class. It was full so we just stayed and kind of did our own thing. He can swim to the wall all by himself and then he turns around, kicks the wall to swim back to me. So freakin cute. However, he can't do back floats because he HATES it, cries the entire time. Brennen of course swims great too. He absolutely loves swimming. He loves to show me what he has learned and waits to see how excited I get. He eats it all up, loves the attention.

Shaved Heads for the Summer

Travis shaved the boys heads for the summer. Just for a little change. The boys hate getting their hair cut. It itches, it itches!!!

Spray on Hair

For Travis' birthday, his best friend Josh sent him a can of spray on hair. If you know Travis, you know he is going bald and that it is a very sensitive, depressing thing for him. But he does have a little sense of humor about it. He is finally excepting it and embracing the new bald Travis. I told him he had to try the spray for kicks and giggles. It was hilarious! That stuff is horrible though, our bathroom smelt so bad for the rest of the day. I love my bald husband, he is still just as handsome to me.

Lake Trip with the Allen's

The Allen's are our neighbors and we just love them. Their family has a house boat on Roosevelt Lake. They invited us for a fun day trip. We had a good time and loved the invite. Thanks guys!

The Annual Hatch Camp Out

I look forward to this camp out every summer. We always have such a great time. We ride quads, shoot guns, eat, get really dirty, play water volley ball, horse shoes, relax, and visit with family. I love, love it!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The month of June

June was just as busy and I can't believe how many pictures I wanted to post and just couldn't. I really need to stop taking so many pics. It's a sickness I have. June was the month of birthdays in our family. Brennen and Travis. I put a lot of planning into Travis' after all he did turn the BIG 30 this year. It was great and turned out so great. I think he had a great time even though I did everything he hates. He is such a good sport.

Happy 4th Birthday Brennen

Brennen turned 4 on June 2nd. I had to go to girls camp on his actual b-day so we planned it a little early. When I took him to party city to pick out his b-day stuff, he picked a pirate themed party. Don't know where that came from but we did it and it was great. We all put fake tats on, pirate hats, and cold stone did a great birthday cake for us. He absolutely loved it, he loves all he attention and most important all the gifts.
Here are some pics I got of him in honor of turning 4. You gotta love this kid. He is just like is Mom good and bad!

Skyline Girls Camp 2010

I was called to serve at girls camp on the stake staff this year. I was called as the "Craft Queen" and photographer. My partner in crime Katie Winfield. This was my very first experience with the young women since I was one. I had such a great time. All the hard work and tons of meetings we had was all worth it. Here are just a few of the pics we took of our adventure at girls camp this year.

Mom and the boys out on the town

I am usually so bad and never take my kids anywhere because I am so busy all the time. It never stops. I finally had had enough and decided I needed to spend some much needed time with my boys. I took them to Mesquite Aquatic center on Val Vista and Riggs. We love that place, it has a huge play ground area right in the middle of the pool. My boys are amazed by it and would stay all day if I let them. Travis just
happened to be working close by and was able to stop by for a few minutes to say hi. We wished he could have stayed. After we were starving so we of course headed over to Fat Burger appropriate for how hungry we were. They have the best milk shakes. That night Travis and I took the kids out to see Shrek Ever After. What a great day with my boys. They deserved it and I hope to do it more often.

Toy Story 3 and the Science Museum

These are a few things we also did this summer. Toy Story 3 came out and I just had to take them. They just LOVE Toy Story. I wish I could have taken a picture of them watching it because their eyes never left the screen. I just sat there watching them more then the movie. I love seeing them so excited. I had to meet a friend in Phoenix one day, she was planning on taking her kids to the science museum and invited us to come along. So to make the trip worth it we tagged along. That place is great, our favorite part was the camera that let us disfigure our faces. The boys laughed and laughed.

Fun in the backyard

One of Brennen's b-day gift from his Uncle Brett was a slip-n-slide. We set it up and well here it is...


My sweet husband turned 30 on the 26th of June. I just had to do something big for this occasion. I just love parties, having a good time and SURPRISES. Travis would just rather go out to dinner with his fam and call it good. And he absolutely HATES surprises. I know he sometimes hates that I am the opposite but thank goodness he is a good sport and lets me do my thing. I wanted everything for his birthday to be a surprise. It took me 2 months to plan this bad boy. All I would tell him is it's things he has never done before. I am pretty sure he guessed it all but it still was fun once the day came.

Travis has never had a massage, facial and pedicure. So that's what I planned for the birthday day. I wanted him to have a relaxing day with me. We did it together and I love it. He really didn't but again he is a good sport. Now he can say he has done it all. He told me he will probably never do it again. His favorite thing was the massage so he said he might do a massage again. We'll see...

After all our appointments we went out to eat and then went home for a rest and for me to give him my best gift. A month before his birthday I did a boudoir session with an awesome photographer. If you don't know what a boudoir session is I am not telling. Lets just say it's only for Travis to see. It was so much fun. She came with a make-up artist and everything. I got all done up, as pretty as I can be and we just took shots of me around my house. Don't worry it was all modest and very classy. She put all the photos in a very nice 8x8 album. I wrapped it all up and gave it to him. He of course loved it!

That night I planned a huge surprise party with all of his friends and family. What I was most proud of was I got all of his close friends from high school to come, he hadn't seen some of them in 10 years. Some didn't show up till it was almost over but hey they came. It was hilarius once we drove up and he figured out it was a party. He HATES being the center of attention. I hired a DJ too and right when we walked up he played "Let's get this party started." It was AWESOME!!! I was so nervous it was going to be lame but I think everyone had a good time.

We ate a lot of food and swam.

We got Travis in a dunk tank. My brother Tyler dunked him first. I had the first shot and totally missed, wasn't even close.

Friends and fam having a good time.

Singing Happy Birthday.

And then the dancing. The DJ did such a great job. He played the best music. Pretty much my sisters and I were the only ones dancing. I knew that was going to happen. Good thing I have my sisters because it would only be me out there. Our friends are so lame. Ha, ha!

His birthday was a success and even though he didn't want any of it I think he still had a great time. Thanks babe for being you and letting me be me! I love you and Happy 30th!

Random Pics

We had a ward swim party this month, some pics of us there. And then some funny pics of Bryson. I checked on the boys like I do every night before I go to bed and this is how I found Bryson, almost completely under Brennen's bed. Too funny.

Twilight Premier

Yes I almost hate to admit it but I am a Twilight fan. Go Team Edward! I know gay. All the girls from my work decided to go to the premier and I just had to come along. I had my sisters come too, here is Mariah being Mariah and my good friend from work Danielle. I absolutely LOVED the movie and can't wait till Breaking Dawn!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy May

May was a very busy month for us. We went on several vacations (only because of super cross). My husband has become obsessed with super cross and is now a groupie. We went to two super cross' in May, one in Utah and one is Vegas. Right when he comes home he watched super cross/motor cross until he goes to bed. How annoying. Ha, ha=)! Here is all we did in May.

Brennen discovered my camera I keep at all times in my purse. I taught him how to take a picture and the kid never wants to stop. Maybe he will be a famous photographer when he gets older? Here are some of the pics I found on my camera. It was a good laugh. If I can tell you anything about Brennen it would be in these pictures. They definitely say a 1,000 words.

Mother's Day

Brennen made all this stuff for me at pre-school. I was so impressed. He made a necklace, a note with all the things he loves about me, he painted a flower pot, and a beautiful hand decoration. I absolutely loved it all and couldn't ask for more for Mother's Day. Thank you so much Brennen, Mommy loves you sooooooooo much!

My 10 Year High School Reunion

Red Mountain Lions

Class of 2000
I can't believe it has already been 10 years since I graduated from high school. Are you kidding me? I still think and feel like I am 16 but reality is I am pushing 30. HOLY CRAP! It is a little depressing but I guess there is nothing I can do about it. They planned a little park activity for all of us who have kids. Pretty much all the Mormons showed up because they didn't want to spend the money on the actual reunion. LAME! The park day was fun, saw a few people that I hadn't seen in awhile. Even a really good friend of mine but isn't really now so it was good to see her and get a pic with her. (Channa and me upper right corner pic). The blond curly haired girl is my good friend Dawn. We played all the sports together in high school and we still keep in touch.

The reunion was at the Monastery which was really lame but okay. It was way over priced for what it was but like I said okay. I really had a good time with everyone I hadn't seen in forever. We played sand volleyball, which made the night. Good times. Brought back a lot of fun memories. Some of us stayed in the parking lot till 2 in the morning. Then group of us ended the night at Denny's till 4 in the morning. Overall it was great and excited for the 20 year reunion. Not really.....

Vegas Super cross
So what made the reunion suck was we stayed up way too late, I had a plane to catch to Vegas at 7 in the morning to meet Travis, his brother Brett, and his fiance Haley. Super cross and my reunion were the same night. I didn't want to miss the reunion and Travis didn't want to miss precious super cross so I decided to fly up Sunday morning and stay till Monday. I had to take a nap right when I got there but after that I was good to go. We spent the first day at the pool. We stayed at Mandalay Bay. That night we ate at the Bellagio and did a little gambling (of course). It was a lot of fun. We just love Brett and Haley, we always have a good time when they are around.

Utah Super cross

The next weekend Travis and I drove up to Utah for super cross and it was miserable. It rained the entire race. Travis of course had a good time and didn't mind the rain. We did have fun hanging out with his best friend Josh, his cousin Philip and brother Colton after the race so everything about that night wasn't too bad.

Family Vegas Trip

The next weekend we had got invited to go to Vegas with some friends of ours. The boys loved it and had a great time. The first night we watch the Bellagio fountains. The next day we spent the day at the pool, took the kids to the M&M factory and the Coca Cola factory. That night we took all the kids to Circus Circus and out to dinner. They had a blast.

Out to dinner. The boys got to make there own pizza.

Swimming, M&M and Coca Cola factory

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Okay, okay I am just not meant for blogging. I realized tonight that I hate it! It takes so much time. And for some reason my mac just will not upload pics. I keep getting a "bad request" whatever that means. So now I am on Travis' lab top which seems to working a lot better. I have finally gone through all my pics and found a few that I forgot to blog back in March. So here they are.
Flying our first kite
One day in March it was very windy and what is the best thing to do on a windy day. Fly a kite! "Lets go fly a kite, up to the highest height
up to the atmosphere, up where the air is clear."
If that's even right, it's funny anyways. Of course the boys loved it, it was a fun family activity.

Nails done with the sista's
For Christmas I got all my sisters gift certificates to get their toes done. Of course I had to come along. It's always an adventure when all us get together. I love them, I just can't wait till they get older, get married, have kids so we can hang out more. I hate doing everything by myself, cause I am a loser and have no friends. Ha, ha!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's about time!

Well I have got myself behind once again. I am such a blog slacker! I want to print my blog but feel like I need to do a little catch before I print. Since I have a ton to put on here before I do I figure I put something up everyday this weeks in hopes to get caught up. So here goes...

We had a great Easter this year. We spent it with both families and had a 4 Easter eggs hunts. The kids loved it of course, only because they got a ton of candy which Mom never lets them have. They carried their baskets around for about week. I swear they crack me up, the things they do. Silly little boys.

Family Fun
Here we are at Amazing Jake's having a little family fun. We met up with Travis' Mom and sister which made it more fun. The boys love Noni and their cousins. We had a great time playing games and eating dinner.

Brennen Pre-School
Brennen was attending EMECEC for a little speech delay. He loved it there and did so well. He is talking so good now and I am so glad I got him into the school. The only thing is once they do well and meet all there goals they kick you out which really sucks because he absolutely loved it there. Here is enjoying Olympics Day.

They kicked him out in the Middle of April and I really wanted him to finish out the year so I asked my friend Katie who teaching pre-school in our neighborhood would take him for the rest of the year. Here he is with his new class. They went on a feild trip to the grocery store the first week he was there. He loved it and had a great time.

Here's Brennen on the last day of school with Mrs. Katie class. He started again with her just a couple of weeks ago and doing really well. Pictures of his first day of school coming soon!

So I have to tell some really big news before I do anymore catching up because I have wanted to announce this on my blog for awhile now. We are finally expecting our 3rd child!!!! After almost a year of trying finally I am pregnant! YEAH!! We are so excited and we think it's pretty much another boy just so we are prepared. I am really okay with that. If it ends up being a girl it will be a really nice surprise. I am 13 weeks so I will be finding out real soon. Can't wait!