Friday, February 26, 2010

I can't believe Bryson......

I don't have words to explain how cute this kid is. I took these pictures of him for his birthday and couldn't ask for better. What's funny is, he knows how cute he is and gets away with A LOT especially with Travis. He's our little stinker!

My little baby turned 2 January 23rd. I hate that it goes by so fast. Before I know it their going to be all grown up and leaving me. This boy is something else let me tell you. He so energetic and full of life. Travis and I are constantly amazed with how so freakin cute he is. He is talking like crazy and says the funniest things. One of my favorites is "Dang it" and "Stop it". Ummmm I wonder where he heard these words??? Yes, yes it me. What can I say? Bryson is such a special part of our family. I just LOVE his dimples, how much of a BOY he is, his HUGE smile, his outrageous laugh, his kisses, his stubbornness, his grumpy face, the list can go on and on. We love this little boy more than our hearts can take.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hawaii Pics Finally!

Here they are finally, our Hawaii pics! We had such great time and want to go back. Travis' cousin lives there so she let us stay at her house and use her car. It was a perfect vacation!!!

Here's us enjoying the 7 hour flight there. Yeah right! When we got there we took her car a drove around to get a little familiar and then ate at the Outback.

The next day we decided to hit up Pearl Harbor and the Dole Factory. We didn't get to these places on our honeymoon so I told Travis we had to make it a priority. I just loved Pearl Harbor. It was pretty overwhelming looking at all the names of those who lost their lives that day. I can't believe it will be 70 years this December.

Dole Factory

After the Dole Factory we drove up the North Shore and stopped off at some of the beaches. There were so beautiful and I couldn't stop taking pictures. I ended up taking 700 pics of this trip! One of the beaches, Travis thinks it was called Turtle Beach but I don't think that's right. Sea turtles come out and sun bathe on the beach.

We watched the sun set that night on Sun Set Beach. I know how quaint=) We had a little photo shoot on the beach. The sun set was so freakin beautiful!!!!


Waikiki Beach and the Market Place

On Sunday we thought it would be perfect to go on a hike. We picked a pretty easy hike but ended up being a little challenging hike but so worth it! The hike ended at a small water fall where there were lots of people cliff jumping. I am a huge wimp and just jump off a small cliff. Travis is a brave a took on a HUGE cliff. He said it was pretty scary. I was able to take my nice camera so I got really crappy pictures. I was so mad because I totally could have taken it.

The last day there we went back to the North Shore and hit up all the places that were recommended to us. We ate at Killer Tacos which was soooooooo good. We then went to the best shaved ice place ever called Matsumoto's. Bahama Bucks is nothing next to Matsumoto's. When ended the day at Wai mai Bay. After we got home we went and saw Avatar in 3D. This day was also very depressing. I found out that I was NOT pregnant. We have been trying for 7 months now and I am getting really frustrated. We didn't get pregnant this month either. I swear I am going to kill someone!!!! Well hopefully March is our month. It would have been so cool to find out I was going to have another baby in Hawaii. Son of va............!

Over all it was a FANTASTIC vacation and can't wait till the next one. We are planning on taking the kids next time. We are thinking Lego Land this summer. What do ya think?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Holidays

Well like I said before I am just trying to catch up and post everything I missed these past couple of months. Everyone has been asking for our Hawaii pics. I will get those up next, don't worry.


We had Thanksgiving this year with Travis' family. We ate at his parents house. We had such a yummy dinner. After we did a family tradition of putting together a time capsule that they do every 5 years. We got to open up the one from 5 years ago and it was so neat. I am so glad we do this because a lot happens in 5 years and it was just so cool to see how we have all changed and how different we are. We fill out a little questionnaire thing and then we do a little video interview of your hopes and dreams for the next 5 years.

We finally got all 5 grandboys together and of course I had to take a picture. Here they all are! Quinn (tara&jakes), Thomas (tamara&steve), Bryson (mine), Mason (tara&jake) and Brennen (mine).

Travis' Mom came up the weekend before Thanksgiving to visit and decided to do a Thanksgiving dinner with her kids. And that's what we did so we had two Thanksgiving dinners this year. Yummy, yummy!!


We spend every year with my family for Christmas eve. My Mom makes an awesome dinner that we have had for years and years. I love Christmas time we have things that we only have at Christmas time and it just makes it so much more memorable. I just love it. It brings me back to growing up in the Hatch home. After dinner every year we open up PJ's and then drive around to look at Christmas lights. My Dad also tells the Christmas story from the Bible. Oh how I love Christmas time. Especially now that I have kids, it makes it even more fun and exciting to share it with them.

When we got home it was so late but I still made Brennen decorate cookies for Santa. Bryson was so tried and was not havin it so Brennen didn't mind doing it himself. I think it was better this way because they probably would have fought the whole time. After the boys were asleep, Santa finally came!




We go a little over board for Christmas and we were definitely spoiled this year. But this is what we all got for Christmas. I just love to shop and this is really the only time I get to. So like I said I go a tad over board!!!


We had a little party at our house this year. Mostly people from my work and my brothers and sisters came. We played games and at midnight Travis lit some fireworks that resulted in this nice size whole in our back yard. Nice one Travis!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I turned 28!

I have a lot to catch up on so I thought I would start where I left off and do a post here and there. I had a birthday in November. I turned 28!! Holy crap I am so old. I can't believe I am almost 30. I still feel and think I look like I am 16. I hope that stays awhile. Travis did a great job with the party. We got the family together and had a BBQ. Travis also did Bowman Olympics again this year. It all started when I turned 25. He had everyone doing all kinds of obstacles and games. It made my birthday so much fun. It went so well that he planned it again for my 28th. Thanks so much babe, it was a great birthday!
Everyone hanging out and eating. Don't you love Travis' mom showing off her sweet hula hoop skills. Donna don't be mad you look so cute I had to post it.


Travis got dollar prizes for those you won. And me giving my sweet boys love and kisses. Gosh I love them sooooooooooo much!!!!

And then we had my little party, here's everyone singing to me and my boys helping me blow out the candles.

The best part of the night OPENING UP PRESENTS!!! I was so spoiled this year. My Mom got me the most beautiful necklace that I just love so much! Travis got me a video camera that I have been wanting forever. Its takes no TAPES. YEAH!!!! I just love the camera it is the best ever!