Thursday, November 19, 2009


Halloween was so much fun and I just love how my boys get so excited. We of course had so many things going on. This time of year is so busy but my favorite. Brennen's school had a Halloween parade and did a little trick or treating in his classroom. He was so dang cute in is Buzz costume. He enjoys his school so much. I can't tell you how much that makes me happy. I have noticed such a change in him since he started school. It is so good for him and I just love how much he is talking. Best thing Travis and I have done for him.

My work had their annual party at the office. The theme was Hollywood. Our office dressed up as Pirates of the Caribbean.

My friends from work have a Halloween party for the past 2 years but this year we just weren't up to it so we decided we would just have a little get together. We ate lots of great food and played rock band and ended the night with a scary movie.

Halloween night I invited my family to join us for trick or treating. My neighborhood is awesome on Halloween. Everyone comes out and passes out candy together. We sat up a huge BBQ across the street from my house. We sat up camp on our drive way and then took the kids around the block.

And here are my Buzz and Woody. Are you kidding me!! Brennen threw a fit when I wanted a picture of him in his costume. I just don't understand why he can't just stand there for 2 seconds. He just wanted to go trick or treating so bad. And then my little Woody, I don't have words to tell you how cute he is!! My little stinker. You can tell his costume is a tad big, okay, okay HUGE! I order a 2T and they sent me a 4T. I had no time to send it back so we had to make it work.

Here is all of us just hanging out eating, visiting, and having a great time. My brother Logan and his wife dress white trash. It was pretty funny. Good times!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girls Trip to Cali
The weekend before Halloween some girls from my work and I went to spend the weekend in Cali and go to Six Flags. We had such a great time. It was a SO needed trip for all of us. We are all trying to have babies right now with no luck so we thought since were all depressed lets do something pregnant girls can't, RIDE ROLLER COASTERS!!!!

This is Tom Tom. He is what help us get around Cali without getting lost. Shout out to Tom Tom and special thanks!!

This is where we stayed in Santa Monica

We got there Friday night and just had to eat. So we went on the town. We went down Third Street Promenade to eat and look around.

Danielle, Tarin, Me and Kirsty. All the girls that went on this CRAZY trip!

This is us in our room goofing off. We stayed up really late talking, laughing and just having a great time.

The morning before all the fun. On our way to breakfast.

I love this girl, she is hilarious. She works up front in our office so I really didn't know her well before this trip. Now I just think she is so fun and he-larious!!! If anyone of is deserve a baby, its her. Her and her husband just got their certification to adopt and they are so super excited. Congrats Kirsty!

On are way to Six Flags and getting to Six Flags. Let the FUN begin!

Right when we entered Six Flags all the characters where out so of course major picture opportunity.

The Six Flags guy!! I was so excited to see him that I got a picture of us running after him. I started singing the song and right away he started dancing. Funny, funny!!!

We hit the Viper first. And of course it was AWESOME!!

We didn't ever go on the X2 because it always had a 3 hour wait but we got a pic anyways. And then our shadows, I was having a lot of fun getting random shots.

THE BEST RIDE EVER!! The Tatsu. Holy freakin cow, I can't tell you how crazy this ride is. Danielle and I loved it so much we went on it again later that night. I about had a panic attack when I was looking at the ground at a billion feet up, thinking about my seat breaking. It was so CRAZY!!!

THE WORST RIDE EVER!! We all hated this ride. It was so rough and crappy. It gave us all a headache.

THE LONGEST WAIT RIDE!! We hated this ride because we waited for 2 hours for a 2 min. ride. Danielle and I took pics of how we felt. It sucked!

Lunch break and the haunted houses. Since it was Halloween, Six flags was all deced out and crazy dressed up people were every where. They had a ton of haunted houses and we got to ride the Colossus backwards. That was so crazy but so much fun. I hate being scared, I hate scary movies and I hate, hate haunted houses but I went with girls because of all the pressure. It was horrible and of course I can't hide how I react so they all picked on me. Running after me, breathing on me, yelling at me. I HATED IT! I will never do it again. After I got out I was almost in tears and having a panic attack and it wasn't even that scary. I am such a wimp.

More rides.

Kirsty and Tarin went on the Goliath while Danielle and I went on the Tatsu again. I was to much of a weeny to go the Goliath. And then we said our good byes to Six Flags. What a fun trip, I had a blast ladies!

Breakfast the next morning. Then we did a little shopping on third street promenade. And then hit up the Santa Monica Pier.

We had of course hit up the beach. We just hang out and took lots of pics. Tarin did a little talent show and showed off her cheer leading skills from back in the day. She's still got it even though she biffed it on her round off back hand spring tuck. Whatever Tarin, you know your awesome all of us can barley do a cartwheel. Ha, ha!

I just love our jumping pics! Tarin thought she was so clever. I have to admit that is the funniest pic I have ever seen.

A crazy guy feeding disgusting pigeons with his mouth and a half naked guy performing something and us looking over the beach and the Santa Monica pier.

Every Sunday the pier does a memorial for all those who have lost their lives in Iraq. Each cross represent someone and the red crosses represent 10 people but I didn't really catch who the 10 people were. It was pretty eye opening and sad.

After the beach we headed home. Thanks girls for a fantastic trip, I had a great time and it was so great to get to know you all a little better. I love working with you too, even though I only work here and there. Love you girls!