Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's about time!

Well I have got myself behind once again. I am such a blog slacker! I want to print my blog but feel like I need to do a little catch before I print. Since I have a ton to put on here before I do I figure I put something up everyday this weeks in hopes to get caught up. So here goes...

We had a great Easter this year. We spent it with both families and had a 4 Easter eggs hunts. The kids loved it of course, only because they got a ton of candy which Mom never lets them have. They carried their baskets around for about week. I swear they crack me up, the things they do. Silly little boys.

Family Fun
Here we are at Amazing Jake's having a little family fun. We met up with Travis' Mom and sister which made it more fun. The boys love Noni and their cousins. We had a great time playing games and eating dinner.

Brennen Pre-School
Brennen was attending EMECEC for a little speech delay. He loved it there and did so well. He is talking so good now and I am so glad I got him into the school. The only thing is once they do well and meet all there goals they kick you out which really sucks because he absolutely loved it there. Here is enjoying Olympics Day.

They kicked him out in the Middle of April and I really wanted him to finish out the year so I asked my friend Katie who teaching pre-school in our neighborhood would take him for the rest of the year. Here he is with his new class. They went on a feild trip to the grocery store the first week he was there. He loved it and had a great time.

Here's Brennen on the last day of school with Mrs. Katie class. He started again with her just a couple of weeks ago and doing really well. Pictures of his first day of school coming soon!

So I have to tell some really big news before I do anymore catching up because I have wanted to announce this on my blog for awhile now. We are finally expecting our 3rd child!!!! After almost a year of trying finally I am pregnant! YEAH!! We are so excited and we think it's pretty much another boy just so we are prepared. I am really okay with that. If it ends up being a girl it will be a really nice surprise. I am 13 weeks so I will be finding out real soon. Can't wait!