Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!

And all of them are US!!
After a few attempts of trying to do family pics myself because I just don't want to pay for them, I finally gave in. I wanted cute candid pictures of us and the boys and you can't do that by setting up a tripod. Travis' cousin Brittney Florence is a photographer so we decided to help each other out by taking each others family pics this year. Thank you so much Brittney for taking out pics! Look for Brittney's work on her website www.foreverfamilyphotos.com.
How freakin cute are our boys!

My little Brysonboo

We got a lot of tongue pictures for some reason. I don't know where it come from. Silly, silly us!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Noni time & an accident

Swimming with Noni!
Travis' Mom came for a visit last weekend. She wanted to take the boys out for a swim so we went to a place in Chandler. It's a little far but so much fun. The kids love it!

Brennen's knocked out tooth!
Last Friday night Travis took the boys out rumping because of all the rain we had. He let the boys out of their seats and right then of course, he hits a bump. Brennen and Bryson were sticking their heads out the window and Brennen's mouth hit the edge of the window. Blood was every where. Travis thought he split his lip but he wiped his lip and noticed it was coming from his front tooth. He touched it and it was so loose, like it was about to fall out. He called me in a panic, good thing I work for an oral surgeon. I called one of my docs and he just wanted me to leave it alone and see if it tightens on its own. So I let it go for a couple of days and it did not tighten up. I decided to get a second opinion. I knew there was a way to save his tooth. I did not want him to lose it and not have a front tooth for like 6 YEARS! I called Dr. Boyse one of the other surgeons I work for and he was willing to save it! THANK GOODNESS!!! Well I think I regret my decision because it was so HORRIBLE! We met Dr. B at the office and first he had me try to get Brennen to drink "special juice" and that didn't go so well. "Mommy, this apple juice sucky!" I pretty much had to shove it down his throat. After trying to get him not to throw up we made it into the surgery room and the waiting began. It took about a half hour and Brennen started to act really silly and sleepy. It was pretty funny. We started him on laughing gas and that really got him sleepy so we started to work on his tooth. He did so good for the first bit. Dr. B was able to bond the wire on the back of his two front teeth but after he was finished he decided he didn't like it and wanted to re-do it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Right then Brennen started moving a lot and wouldn't sit still anymore so Dr. B wanted to start an IV and put him to sleep. I had to hold my son down while he started the IV. Brennen freaked out and moved his arm which blew the vain and the IV didn't work. I wanted to scream, I couldn't believe I was doing this to my sweet little boy over a front tooth! But we had gone this far and we just needed to finish the job. Dr. B decided to give him a shot of drugs in the leg and that worked. He was OUT! We started another IV and got the job done in like 10 minutes. What he did was bonded a wire along his 4 front teeth to stabilize the loose front tooth. He will leave it there for 6 weeks in hopes that the bone will tighten around the tooth again. I really, really hope it works! Especially of everything I put him through. If not he will be toothless for a VERY long time.