Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bryson's 3rd Birthday Party!

Bryson turned 3 on on the 23rd. We decided to do a park thing the Saturday before. He chose a Monster Jam themed party which turned out so freakin cute. We are taking them to Monster Jam this Saturday, they are so excited! I attempted to make a Monster Jam cake and this is the best I could do. Too funny! It tasted really good so I guess thats all that matters.

Travis brought the 50 over so Brennen could show everyone that he can ride it by himself. I thought it would be pretty funny to see a fat pregnant women ride it. So I got on and it was pretty funny. Look at me go!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

Here I am again trying to catch up. This is what we have done so far this year and the rest of 2010. We had a great year and excited for whats to come in 2011. For starters a new baby boy. Here are my belly and ultrasounds pics.

This is me at 25 weeks.

This is me and my little baby boy at 30 weeks.

This is our baby at 18 weeks when we found out it's another boy. We have decided to name him Boston LaVon after Travis' favorite Grandpa. I know LaVon is a little old fashion and he may get made fun of but Grandpa LaVon was a special man and we are proud to name our son after him.

Just yesterday Travis taught Brennen how to ride our 50 dirt bike for the first time. We had one almost bad accident but other then that he rode that thing like a champ. We were so proud of him cause he usually is a little scared of trying new things. Good boy Brennen! I have a little anxiety about the whole thing. I really don't want them to get hurt!!

Then it was Bryson's turn. He is not quite tall enough to ride by himself but he does the gas and turns by himself. Here he is showing off with Travis. I am not looking forward to when he is tall enough. Unlike Brennen he has no fear and is willing to try anything. I see lots of broken bones and stitches in his future. Crazy kid!

My little Bryson turns 3 this Sunday. I can't believe it! So freakin cute my little Brysonboo.

We put Brennen in t-ball this month. He has already had a few games and is loving it. I just love seeing him play and I love this age. They all go after the ball and fight over it. So hilarious!

We welcomed the New Year with my family. We danced, played the Wii, ate a lot and had a firework show. It was a ton of fun. I can't believe it's 2011, I turn 30 this year. How depressing!

Here is us toasting the New Year.
Happy New Year to everyone!

These next few collages are pics I found that I forgot to blog awhile back. This is when Brennen learned to ride a bike for the first time. And me with boys on another Mommy date eating lots of doughnuts at Krispy Kremes. So yummy! I am pregnant what can I say!

Travis took Brennen to Motocross in Cali at the end of the summer. Brennen had such a great time and really enjoyed being with his Dad all weekend.

This is the boys with Travis at Fathers and Sons.

Travis' brother Brett got married in September to beautiful Hayley, here is us at the wedding. We love her and love that she is part of the family.

My sister and I took the boys to the fair. I really wanted to take them and Traivs couldn't get there till late. So I took my sister a long to go on all the rides with the boys. They had a great time and so did I eating all the delicious fair food. I love it!

Happy Halloween! I took my boys to my work party and then here is just a few of the decorations I put up. I love to decorate for Halloween!

Carving pumpkins.

Halloween at Brennen's preschool and our ward party.

Trick or Treating. I just love our neighborhood. We all come out and it's all one big party. The kids just love it!

Schnep Farms outing with the fam.

We started Brennen in sports at the end of the year. He chose soccer first. Here he is in action. We didn't see much of it, it was fun for him but he was not too interested. So it was pretty funny watching him. That's why we are trying t-ball now, to see if he likes it better. So far so good.

Breakfast date with Mom.

I turned 29 in November. Holy cow I am old. Good thing I don't look it. At least I think so. It makes me feel better. The boys took me out to dinner.

That weekend Travis had a planned a little get away to Scottsdale to stay at the Marriott. He had my sister Keshia get there before us and decorate the room. It was so romantic and so thoughtful. I am always on him to be more romantic so when he did this it really meant a lot. He had Keshia put a basket together of some of my favorite things. It was so relaxing and fun. Thanks so much babe for making my birthday a special one.

We also had a family party to celebrate too. I had a great birthday even though it was my 29th. I have one last year of my 20's. So crazy, I am going to be 60 before I know=)!

Brennen's preschool took a Field trip to a fire station. Bryson got to come along. It was so stinking cute when the put all the kids in the fire uniform. They just loved that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Family pics for 2010. I am so happy with how these turned out. I don't look pregnant, well at least in most of them.

Here is our Christmas card we sent out for 2010

Christmas with Noni. Travis' Mom lives in Tucson and wanted to spend some time with all the boys for Christmas. First she took us to Golf Land and then we did the whole Christmas thing they have at Bass Pro Fish. We sat on Santa's lap, made a Christmas ordament, and had a great dinner. We all had a great time. We love you Noni!

My work Chirstmas party. I went away with a new Wii!

Decorating the tree.

Decoarting cookies for Santa.

Christmas Eve with family. We ate with my family and then had a Christmas program and games with Travis' family. We took the boys to look at lights after. I just love Christmas!

Our new PJ's and Brennen got deer food to put our for Santa's deer at preshcool. The boys are sprinkling it on our lawn.

Santa definitly came to our house. He spoiled us rotten this year.

Christmas morning. This is one of my favorite things about being a Mom, seeing my little boys on Christmas morning. They are so excited, so happy and spend all day playing with their new toys. I don't need anything but that.