Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 6th Anniversary to us!!!

6 years ago yesterday February 11, 2003 Travis and I got married. We have a wonderful life together so far and hope for more wonderful years to come. We met in June of 2002 at a singles adult party. I made it known to him that I was interested and later that night he asked for my phone number. He called me the next week and we went on our first date. We went swimming at his grandparents house with another couple and watched a movie afterwards. This date was very memorable because we had such a great time together. We were very comfortable with each other and it was very easy for the both of us to be ourselves. After this date we were inseparable. Dating Travis was so much fun! He was very romantic, spontaneous, and exciting. I fell hard for him. So much so I scared him off for a bit. But he finally realized he was falling in love with me too and had to spend the rest of his life with me. Travis proposed on my 21st birthday November 21, 2002. He took me to the Compass restaurant at the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix. Which I thought was for my birthday. We had dinner and then after our waiter brought me a gift. I opened it which was filled with shredded paper, I digged around and found a smaller present at the bottom. When I stared opening it Travis got every ones attention in the restaurant and proposed. Very Romantic!!!!

Our first 3 years together we had so much fun just the two of us, we cherise those times so much. We added to our family on June 2, 2006 with our first child Brennen Travis Bowman. He has brought such joy and happiness to our lives. He is a very, very active boy and keeps us on our toes everyday. Bryson Daniel Bowman was bone January 23, 2008 and what a sweet, happy child he is. We are so overwhelmed with how cute he is. We are so blessed and grateful for our two sweet boys, that they are healthy and a part of our family. Travis I love you so much I am happy to be your wife and lucky to have a husband like you. These past 6 years have had there ups and downs but even so have been absolutley wonderful. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE!!

Us in Cali visiting his sister Tara, we had been dating a couple of months.

Our first Chirstmas together.

Our engagment.

Our wedding day.

Our honeymoon in Oahu, Hawaii.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I thought I would post some of my feelings, thoughts, frustrations but I suck at writing and can't seem to write it out. I have re-done this post twice now and all I can get out is I AM FRUSTRATED!! I guess I am having one of those days but for me I should say I have been having one of those couple of months. I am soooooo busy, my priorities are way off, I am active in church but inactive with the Lord. I just can't seem to shake this bad attitude I have about everything. With all this my family has suffered. I am not being the best Mom I know I can be and really, really want to be, I am not being the best wife I can be, I am not doing a lot of things I should be doing and I HATE it!!! I feel like there is so much that I don't know where to start so I just let go longer and longer. Well I know this may seem a little out there but I just wanted to sit and get a few things out of my system. This isn't even a fraction of what I have been feeling but at least its a start.