Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Thanksgiving weekend

The whole family after dinner just hanging out and enjoying one anothers company.

My sweet boys swinging on the back porch swing.

I love this picture!

Heres Phil, Ashley and their boy Wyatt. What a cute bunch.

Some of the fam eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Bryson and his cousin Steven playing together before dinner. How cute!!

Here is my Gram Hatch at a campout 3 years ago. She hated taking pictures so this is the most recent photo I could find of her.

Hey everyone so finally I have updated my blog! I know, I know I am sure most of you are sick and tired of looking at Travis shaved head and swollen thigh. Well here is our fun Thanksgiving weekend with my Dads family in Flagstaff. We had a great time being with the whole fam and eating yummy dinner. Everytime I get with my Dads family I can't help but think of my sweet Gram who past away 2 years ago. I miss her everyday but even more when we all get together. There sure is a feeling of something missing and it just not being the same without her. I miss you Gram and sure wish you were here spending the holidays with us.
Friday was BLACK FRIDAY and I went out shopping with my Mom and my sister Keshia and sister-in-law Jenny. It was sooooo much fun. I got everything I wanted at such great prices. It was totally worth waking up at 5! When we got back with tons a great stuff and WAY less money in our pockets I took pictures of my cousin Ashley and her husband Phil with their cute little boy Wyatt. I thought they turned out cute.
Well happy late Thanksgiving, hope everyone had a great one and really enjoyed spending time with the ones you love most. I sure did!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

Well Friday the 21st I turned 27. I am sooooo old! It was a great day to be with my husband, just what I wanted for my birthday. We first decided to shave Travis' head thats right shave his head. For those of you who don't know he is going bald, there I said it! Poor guy has had such a hard time with losing his hair, he kept going back and forth with shaving it or not. I finally told him we are doing it for my birthday. And he finally agreed and did it! It was a fun bonding time for us. He let me shave most of it and I cleaned up his bread which always makes him a little nervous. He took me shopping afterwards and it was a little weird looking at him trying to get use to his shaved head but I am sure I will get use to it sooner or later. I bought my very first pair of expensive jeans. I tried on about 20 pairs and finally went with the Big Star brand from Buckle. Set me back about 100 bucks but well worth it, my butt looks pretty good in them. I have a big one so it's very important to make sure it looks good and not humongous. After shopping Travis had planned dinner at Oregano's with my family. It was so nice to spend some time with them and just be able to sit and visit and not worry about my hectic life for a couple hours. We ended the evening by meeting at my parents house for a little cake and presents. Thanks babe for a wonderful 27th birthday, I love you and your bald head!!
Here are some before pictures and Travis is a little embarressed to me showing these but he says it is what it is!

Profile shot, he told me this is the main reason why he wanted to shave it all off.

This picture is my favorite, makes me laugh everytime I look at it. Sorry honey, you know I love you no matter what hair or no hair. And this is NO HAIR!!!! Ha, Ha, Ha!!!
Good bye to whats left.
This is the final result. Nice pose babe, looks sooooo much better!! Your still HOT and always will be to me.
Me and my new pair of jeans. I love them!
Us at dinner, and still getting use to his new hair style.
Brennen loves to blow out the candles so of course he had to help Mom blow out hers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Travis' accident!!!!

This past Saturday Travis went to the dirt bike track and had a little accident. It was pretty windy at the track and Travis knew he probably shouldn't ride but did it anyways. He was taking a jump and the wind took him right down. He is pretty banged up. I keep telling him he is lucky that he didn't break his neck and is in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. He thinks he tore his shoulder and knee, his hip hurts the worst. It's really swollen and looks like he has saddle bags! Well he is pretty sick of everyone giving him a hard time but its because we all care for him and don't won't to see him get really hurt next time. He is going to keep riding but he promises he will be careful and not ride if its windy. I feel bad as I am typing this because I have not really be giving him much sympathy, in fact I have been pretty mean to him. It's just that he scares me, I can't bare to think of him REALLY getting hurt. I just want him to remember that he has two little boys that I want them to see his father grow old and be there for them throughout their lives. A dangerous hobby like dirt bike riding is just not worth the risk. I still want you to ride Travis, just be CAREFUL!! You may not believe me but I do love you and don't won't to see you get hurt. Here are a couple of pics of his injuries, his broken helmet and chess protector. WARNING: Hip shot is a little revealing!!!

This is NOT A BUTT SHOT!!!! This is the side of his thigh which shows you how swollen it is. It actually has gotten more swollen and bruised since this picture. I will have to send an update.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Linkin Park

I know I have told a lot of people already but I thought I would post it anyways. So the lead singer from Linkin Park has moved here from L.A. He moved to Gilbert and lives in a community that one of my doctors I work for lives in. Travis does quite a bit of yard work in this community and it just so happens he was able to get the lead singer of Linkin Park yard. Pretty cool huh? Well, I told Travis he is getting closer to his 15 minutes of fame. You never know you could see him on the next episode of MTV's Cribs. You know the guy mowing the lawn in the background. Ha, ha, ha!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

This year was a very busy Halloween. We had 4 different events to attend. Which was a ton of fun but I am glad its over. First my friends Drew and Danielle from my work and I put on a Halloween party the weekend before Halloween. It was a ton of fun and we had a pretty good turn out. We had food, music, games, best costume and most original costume. Everyone dressed up pretty good, we had the Flintstones, Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinker Bell, Dorthy and the Lion, a clown, Travis and I were 70's disco, boy scout and his den mother ha, ha! The list goes on and on. It was a ton of work but well worth it. Thursday the 30th was my work building party. All the offices in are building have a Halloween party every year. This year my office was in charge of it so again a ton of work to do. Our theme was "Blast from the Past" and our office was assigned the 70's, that's why Travis I dressed disco this year. The other offices dressed 50's, 60's, 80's and 90's. Some of the girls in our office dressed as the Village People which was hilarious! They performed Y.M.C.A of course. Thursday night was our trunk or treat, the boys loved it and looked so dang cute. Poor Byson was so HOT! He was a chicken and the costume it did not breath well. Brennen was Thomas the Train, he went around yelling poop! poop! for Choo, Choo. Pretty funny! Friday was of course Halloween, our neighborhood puts on a little thing in the park just before trick or treating starts so we went to that for awhile. I had invited my whole family so it was fun hanging out with them. Our whole street set up in their drive ways and past out candy. We ate chili, visited with each other and of course took the kids around the block for a little trick or treating. Brennen couldn't say trick or treat so instead he would say "tweet" for treat and then right after he would say "duty" for thank you. I know, I know he can't talk he is being evaluated on Monday for speech because he is far from talking and says things completely wrong. Anyways, Halloween was fun and I love seeing my little boys dressed up all cute and having a good time. It makes everything so much more enjoyable.

Doing my best disco pose!

Travis doing his best Saturday Night Fever pose!

Keshia and Scott won most original costume. Scott was Richard Simons and Keshia is one of is fans. So freakin funny!

Kevin, Tarin and Macie won best costume. Prize included movie tickets, best buy gift card, lots of candy, a scary movie, and lots of fun Halloween gifts.

My sister Keshia, her husband Scott, My sister-in-law Melissa, my brother Logan with their boy Miles and my sister Jezerea.

Sallee and Derek, they are always so creative with their costumes. They probably would have won most original costume but they had to leave early. To bad so sad!!

My brother-in-law Ryan and his wife Katie. By the way some of these pics look cloudy because we had a fog machine going the whole time and it made all our pics look like this.

Valerie and Jen, I would have got a picture of them with their husband but they were not havin it. Valerie and Jen are much cuter anyways.

Shasta and Janea, so glad you guys came! Love you!

This is Kevin and Tarin and their cute little girl Macie.

Drew and Danielle being funny as usual. Drew's outfit is his original boy scout uniform. I can't believe he could still fit into it! Drew you skinny little man you!

The girls performing Y.M.C.A.

This is everyone I work with at our work building party.

Here is Dr. Porter, Dr. Kelly(recognize the outfit) and Dr. Austin. They are the doc's I work for.

Girls I work with, Callie, Cindy and Ashley.

Bryson my little chicken.

Brennen my little Thomas the Train.

This is my sis Jezerea and my Mom just chilin outside our house Halloween night

Finally we took Bryson out of his sweaty costume and he just had to help himself to a little treat.

This is my nephew Steven as a dinosaur and my little Bryson. They are two weeks apart.

Travis let Bryson have his sucker and Bryson held onto to that thing so tight, he was not giving it back.

My nephew Miles, Steven and my two boys. All the cute little cousins.

Gram taking Brennen out trick or treating.