Monday, January 26, 2009

Bryson 1st Birthday!!

Bryson turned one on Friday the 23rd. I can't believe it has been a year. Bryson has brought such joy to our family. He is always so happy and playful. He just loves his Dad which makes me jealous but still way cute. He calls him Da Da. Everytime he comes into the room he points and says Da Da. Bryson is probably the cutest little person I have ever seen. I love his smile, his dimples, his little grunts he does when he is excited, his laugh, his cute little feet, I just love everything about him. We are soooo blessed to have him in our lives and are so grateful he is healthy and happy. Happy 1st Birthday my sweet little Bryson!

I got Bryson balloons and he just loved them. He kept pointing at them and wanting to play with them. Cute little stinker!

Heres my attempt to decortate for the little guy.


Everyone singing Happy Birthday and Bryson thinking what is going on?

Cutting his first birthday cake.

He wasted no time and went right for it!


He just couldn't get enough, he was soooo cute eating his cake. He was shaking his head and going mmmmm, mmmmm. SO CUTE!!!

My in-laws have this toy at their house and Bryson loves it so we got it for him and you can tell he is excited about it.

Bryson eating ice. Just thought it was a cute picture of him.

Bryson playing with his new birthday toys.

Bryson taking some steps. He has been walking a little this past couple of months. Such a big boy!

Bryson with his favorite Uncle Brett.

The kids playing with the ball popper.

Uh oh, fighting over the birthday gifts. Bryson with his cousin Steven (they are two weeks apart). I am sure there will be lots of this growing up together.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Whats new with us!

Well I haven't had the time to update the blog so I am going to try to get a little caught up. Since Thanksgiving it has been a pretty busy time getting ready for Christmas, working, photography etc. We had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. It was such a treat watching out little boys enjoying the Christmas season. Brennen did really well sitting on Santa lap, Bryson on the other hand did not. Pretty funny. Brennen just loves trains so Santa brought him a train table, he was so excited and that just made my Christmas. That is all I wanted, was to see my boys so excited and happy. What a joy children bring at Christmas time. My Brennen just loves the movie Polar Express and that movie just explains it all. Being a Mom I love being a part of the innocence and believing again. For New Years we spent it with our good friends Danielle, Drew, Tarin and Kevin. We had a great time and I am so looking forward to a new year to start fresh and make some changes for the better. I wish everyone a healthy, successfull New Year!

We took the boys to see Santa and like I said Brennen did really good which surprised me I thought for sure he wouldn't do it. But then again I told him he wouldn't get a train if he didn't tell Santa. Whatever works!!

Bryson did not like Santa at all!

Here's us decorating the tree. We had family night and decorated together.

Bryson is our little climber, he was climbing up the ladder all the way to the top BY HIMSELF!! Crazy kid.

We went to the Zoo lights and really enjoyed the boys loving all the lights.

The boys and I with the monkey.

We didn't get home till really late and Brennen had had enough. Right when we got into the house he went straight for the couch and went right back to sleep.

My work had a Christmas Party and here are a few pics from the par-te!!

I did a little holiday baking with Danielle. It was so fun, it truly felt like Christmas. We had Christmas music going, Christmas tree candle going and the wonderful baking smells too.
Love it!!!!

This is out plate of goodies we baked.

Christmas Eve we had dinner at my Mom and Dads. After dinner we played a little Rock Band. It was so much fun!

Travis rockin out!

I tried singing and I was horrible!!

This is my sister Mariah, isn't she so cute.

My brothers and sisters givin it a try.

Christmas Eve dinner

This outfit was Brennen first Christmas PJs. I thought it would be fun to have pictures of my boys in the same PJs for their first Christmas'.
My boys and their new PJs

Opening PJs

Brennen made cookies for Santa.

Santa came!

Yeah! I got a new phone just what I wanted!

Travis got all new dirt bike gear, just what he wanted.

Santa brought Bryson a new ride along!

And Santa brought Brennen a train table!

What a mess, my boys after all the presents were opened.

Bringing in the New Year 2009 pics with Tarn, Kevin, Macie, Drew, and Danielle. Happy New Year!!!

Our first kiss in 2009!!

Tarin, Kevin and Macie getting ready for the count down.