Monday, April 18, 2011

6 Weeks already!

I can't believe 6 weeks has already gone by since I had Boston. He has already changed so much and I hate that this part goes by so fast. I just love a new baby. He is already smiling and cooing. The sweetest thing EVER! He is such a good baby. Only fusses when he is hungry and tired. I am so blessed because I don't know how I would handle two crazy boys and a really bad baby. He is so content and sweet which makes me love and adore him more. The boys can't get enough of him. They are constantly in his face giving him love and kisses. Which drives me nuts but it's still pretty cute. I am so looking forward to each day with this sweet, precious little baby.

Here is Boston at one month old


The McNeil Family said...

He has changed so much.. And I have only seen him in pictures! He is looking more like your other two boys. He is handsome!

Tawni said...

That is such a cute picture! It is sad how fast they change, but fun at the same time.

janeen said...

Oh he is so stinkin' beautiful!!! Time is flying, it's so sad.